The Beirut club started its actual activity after receiving its proclamation on February 3, 2015 with 25 business women. 

-  Its first activity was an exhibition of crafts and works of art at the UNESC Hall. 

-  In March, 21 Lebanese women participated in the Bahrein Conference and met with a big number of BPW from all around the world. 

-  Among the important achievements of the club is the preparation of an incubator which will spread the objectives of the BPW in a practical          way and on the ground, and train and educate women in many fields, which encouraged many women to join this international organization        through Lebanon, which lead to the foundation of the second club a few days ago under the name of BPW Byblos… 

-  During her visit to Lebanon, the president Dr. Yasmine Droobsh met with a big number of members, and presented a conference about the          BPW. A dinner was held in her honor afterwards. 

-  The Beirut club participated in two conferences in Egypt with Dr Amani Asfoor. 


It also participated in the New York’s Leader Summit. 

-  The BPW Beirut organized a workshop in b2b Tripoli with many embassies residing in Lebanon, which spread knowledge about the BPW. 

-   A website www.bpw-lb.com 

-  The most important achievement of this year will be the regional conference in October, which will hopefully be the event of the year in the        region. 

-  Finally, just search Google for BPW Beirut or Lena Madison and see the massive media coverage in 2015.

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